Monday, February 20, 2012

Leti-Kat Sensible Chic Recycled


I don't normally post about fashion, but when I saw the super, cool, luxury hats my friend was designing, I couldn't resist. I've known Kathy Stover, since our modeling days in Miami, and have been impressed by her entrepreneurial spirit. The fact that she's drop dead gorgeous, smart, funny, yet she blissfully unaware of her beauty gained my respect. No diva-like behavior. You see, most models forget they have a shelf life, too busy jetting around in private planes, or off to some exotic island for some fabulous shoot. Like star athletes, they WILL be replaced. I remember sitting on a bench waiting for a cattle call, chatting, about her trying makeup, or being in Chicago, talking about the launch of a kid's clothing line and her enthusiasm, a new mom herself. Kathy is adventurous, versatile, an artist, with interests in fashion, photography and encaustic painting. Never one to brag, she's laid-back, down to earth, yet passionate and driven. I have no doubt her line of recycled cashmere hats, Leti-Kat will be a huge success. Kathy has teamed up with friend & business partner, Leticia Grendene on this new, groovy endeavor. Leticia is a super successful model, co-owns the restaurant Casa Tua, in Miami and Aspen. She was instrumental in creating the vibe, esthetics and decor of the restaurant. Leticia brings her luxe style, extensive travel history and elegant fashion sense to the line. Hats are meant to fun, they're funky, they say so much about an individual. They're interchangeable, dressy or casual to fit the day, and frame the face. Perfect for the slopes, a red carpet night out, or a run to the store. Leti- Kat fits your unique spirit. Cozy, comfortable and fun. Watch out Shark Tank , this duo is coming your way. Leti-Kat, one of a kind Eco friendly hats, from two gorgeous gals with brains to boot. These girls got style and a killer product. "Leti-Kat, from ski hats to hang out hats" the next wow trend in head gear.
"Leti- Kat is a smart, chic line of recycled cashmere, one of a kind hats. They currently have six different styles for men and women ranging from ski hats to hats that one can just hang out and not just be comfortable, but also look cool in. Kathy and Leticia draw their inspiration from knowing that people want something unique, that sets them apart. They like the idea of making a beautiful luxury item from re-envisioning and repurposing what currently exists. ³It seems modern and in keeping with the times to make something that satisfies our desire for esthetics and also is environmentally friendly and made right here in Aspen, says Kathy. Leticia often travels to NYC modeling the latest fashions and then brings her chic sensibility to Leti-Kat."                                                     
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  1. Love the hats - just ordered my first of many from Kathy! Thank you beautiful!!