Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Master of Flawless Faces

Tim Quinn

Celebrity Face Designer
and National Director of Creative Artistry Giorgio Armani Beauty

I met Tim in 2001, at the very start of the Armani Beauty, US launch. I had returned from Milan after two decades working as a model. For a time, I had the privilege of being an Armani girl, walking the runway, doing press & magazine work, posing for the Armani Exchange campaign in the states. My picture got scrapped. I was half naked, it was too racy for the 90's, I suppose. I consider walking the runway for Mr. Armani one of the highlights of my career. You see, I really couldn't walk, so I faked it. And prayed no one would notice. No one did, I retired a champion achieving my goals. Let's face it, I was pushing thirty. It was time for a new career, a new strategy.
When I heard about the Armani Beauty launch, I brazenly got an interview to work as a makeup artist. We had to do MU tests. A novice, I was nervous. Tim was there, helping, smiling and rooting me on. He knew how green I was, but took a chance. As the years went by, I watched and learned. I would get better, and he was always ready to offer advice, lend a hand. 
Tim would become a household name in the beauty biz, and a force to be reckoned with. Forget his masterful eye and talent, the flawless, effortless, glowing faces he creates. I am most impressed with his good nature, manners and ease with his clients. He chats while doing an application, and one can't help but fall under his spell. He never gets rattled, he's fun, sophisticated and charming. The celebrities, and editors LOVE him. His A LIST beauty clientele is far too long to mention. When I reached out to him to see what he's up to, this busy award season, he responded immediately via email, and ARMANI BEAUTY products arrived on my doorstep the next day.

Here's a breakdown of just a week in the life of the jet set artist.

Designer Lift Foundation

Rouge Lip #401
Tim used Armani Beauty's Designer Lift Foundation on Calista Flockart at the Globes. His 'must haves' this busy time include Eyes To Kill, lash stretching mascara. Rouge Lipstick in  #401 is a striking burnt red, that looks glam on any skin tone. So very chic, it has a magnet snap closure, with the signature logo right on the product. Perfect to carry in your clutch, for a Celebrity worthy touch up, it's to die for. 

Eyes To Kill Stretch Mascara

Some non Armani products Tim loves, (Every great makeup artist has a few 'other' favorite Brand pieces)  make this hectic time easier, and applications a snap. Tim likes Clarisonic Cleasing Brush, "I won't leave home without it." Tammy Fender Recovery Cream, he suggests using it post parties and for those long flights zipping around the country. Sigma Makeup brush set is lovely, and a super great value. Hampton Sun Bronze, " a serious shimmer to add on the body post foundation touch up." Yes, great artistes makes sure every bit of exposed skin is flawless. I like MAC's Face & Body, it's great for the legs, chest, and back. I learned the trick from a PRO, a friend, a gentleman and a scholar. I studied the master at work, and learned many invaluable lessons on life and beauty. And laughed, a lot. Beauty has never been so fun, when you're lucky enough to spend the day getting primped & pretty with Tim.
Hampton Sun Bronze

Sigma Brush Kit

- "After training in Milan alongside the world-renowned makeup artist Pat McGrath, Tim Quinn joined the Giorgio Armani Beauty team with the launch of the brand in August 2001. His myriad experience as an artist includes work in TV, print, and film.
As the U.S. front man for Giorgio Armani Beauty, Tim has traveled internationally hosting special events to promote the cosmetics line. His words of wisdom have graced the pages of W, Elle, Glamour, Lucky, InStyle, and Cosmopolitan. Tim has been featured as one of the "25 Beauty Stars" in W Magazine and has made a presence backstage at several award shows including the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes and the ESPYs. In addition, Tim has been featured numerous times on television programs such as the Today Show, Extra and E! Entertainment.
Tim has worked with celebrities such as Glenn Close, Debra Messing, Kim Cattrall, Tara Reid, Gwen Stefani, Jordana Brewster, Kate Bosworth. "

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