Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Long and Short Of It

EverCreme by L'Oreal with Eva Longoria
Hollywood wraps up another frenzied, fun- fashion filled dramatic season. Angie's leg and her bizarre, Oscar strike a pose, the talk about town. NYC fashion week is done, and Europe is winding down. Celebs, models, editors, and industry peeps all happy their hair gets a much need styling break,  from serious damage repair. I didn't see one hairstyle on the carpet or runway that screamed, "Wow factor." Cameron's shag looked fried, dry, brittle, and a bit worn out. Gwyneth's loose, messy pony, I didn't get it. Brad's long strands, too stringy for my taste. What do I know, I'm a makeup artist? So, I asked a famous and favorite hairstylist, (who shall remain nameless) what he thought?
"The hair looked drab, unhealthy, uninteresting. Michelle Williams was stood out. Smart, cropped,  striking blond, paired with a dramatic eye, bold lip and voila, stylish and elegant."

Milan Late '80s, Me

When I modeled with long, virgin locks, I hated the dreaded hair stylist's chair. Every job was sheer torture, blow dryers, flat irons, hair spray, twelve hours in curls, straightened, crimped, it was endless, pulling and prodding a sore head. OK, it was the 80's, big hair ruled fashion. "BASTA, I said, that's enough." I shaved my head, and started fresh. Linda and I, 'the only short hair girls' rocking Paris. 
 Moschino, the Great & Me

EverCreme by Loreal

EverCreme by L'Oreal, an amazing Shampoo and Conditioner makes all the difference. The Sulfate-Free Moisture System is the perfect fix for damaged hair. Natutal Omega 3 & 6 saturate the hair with moisture, leaving it light and not weighted down. EverCreme contains no heavy waxes, triple action hydration and natural botanicals, so your hair is never drab again. Just shiny & healthy. I love Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner, it's 100% Paraben and Vegan Free. How cool is that? Treat yourself to EverCreme Deep Nourishing Mask, instantly revitalizing dry, brittle hair.

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