Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Over the summer and in the sticky heat, I got to work with photographer Eric Guillemain on the EJF campaign and Save the Sea. We all donated our time and positive energy for a great cause. EJF is an organization protecting the planet & the people.
Eric is a true artist and rocker at heart. He's found a way of creating movement and mystery in every picture. Here are a few of my favorites. Using just a brown pencil on the eye mixed with a little gloss,
I kept the makeup sheer, fluid and sexy, much like the sea.

Thanks to Dakota Johnson for being a beautiful human being, inside & out. To Eric for his energy & passion. To Kenshin & Tran at L'Atelier NYC for their gorgeous hair. Every makeup artist knows the makeup is only as good as the hair that frames the face. And to the supermodels, who were  gracious & gave up their time.

Eric Guillemain Photography
Jackie Cioffa Makeup