Thursday, March 19, 2009

Royality Behaves

Pick up a copy of April's W magazine. Italian countess Marina Cicogna's life in photographs is profiled. She was born into a world filled with celebrities and allowed to capture them in their most intimate moments. Maybe it the was the times, but glancing at the pics, the celebs look relaxed and at ease. Cicogna says, "Today we have some glamorous people in the world, but the thing that made them different then, mainly, was the freedom celebrities had. That era is dead. Today, of course they are hounded by the press. "
As Ms. Ricardson's family begins the unimaginable & difficult grieving process, I can only pray that the press backs off. She was a gorgeous example for all women, young & old, on how to live your life. The perfect mix of artist, woman, mother & family. She was beautiful sophistication in times short on substance. 
I will light one single white candle today in silence, giving thanks for such a regal life.