Friday, March 13, 2009

Is There A Doctor in the House?

With ER coming to a close, I don't know what I'll do on Thursday nights...
15 years have come and gone in a flash. I first met Kristin Minter, an ex-model & veteran actress (on ER as RANDI, the colorful receptionist) at 18 in Milan. We ate pizza, bonded in a foreign land, cried, & laughed. I continued modeling in Europe, & Kristin went off to LA to act. I called her to chat about her ideas on beauty & to commiserate the end of an era. She laughed & cheered me up. "Beauty, for me? You're insides better surpass your outside because beauty fades."  This coming from a woman at 43, whose beauty only grows. "Rescue a dog, they'll save your life."  That I do believe. She brought me on the set of ER and to the wrap party a few years back. Should I have taken a souvenir? Nah, I took away something better. Invaluable lessons about beauty from an old friend. She taught me about aging gracefully, conviction & following your dreams. And believing in yourself. That is beautiful enough.