Monday, March 2, 2009

What's the 411?

Every so often beauty editors from various magazines email me questions about a specific look and ask for my advice. I try to provide honest answers, & suggest products I actually use, along with the 'how to & why'.

Here's what a sample question would look like:
Hey!! Need a quote-- I've got a pic in of  ______ wearing purple lipstick. Can you tell me how women can translate that look? What with? What keeps the look modern?
My partial answer:
A warm compliment to a cool lip is to apply black creamy liner under the top & lower lash line. Smudge slightly outwards leaving the lid bare & glossy with a hint of gold shimmer. This will balance the coolness of the lip and keep the look fresh and modern.
My answer was inspired by working with Gucci Westman during fashion week. She used a beautiful lavender tone lipstick. Every look, color, & idea is an extended inspiration.
What actually ends up in the magazine often depends on which products are hot and who's wearing it!