Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mermaid Dreams

The holidays are over, but the parties are in full swing. Sundance, Award Season, Fashion week, all the hustle and bustle of the beauty scene. For makeup and hair peeps, this is a very busy bee season. When Nars sent me the new eyeshadow palette, Melusine I did a little jig. I love a smokey purple eye, sometimes even more than all black. It looks good on everyone, from fair skinned blonds to hot reds, to the olive tone brunettes, adding a hint of mermaid quality. The bright purple shade is matte, and packs the right amount of punch. It blends and builds effortlessly. I love to apply it to the crease, on a bare eye with a hint of the pale, silver lilac shimmer added to the center of the lid. A touch of the silver lilac dusted to the inner corners, opens the eyes instantly. It's a nice compliment to the sultry purple.

Paired with the limited edition, sheer lipstick, Little Darling, it's one of my favorite looks. The sheer lip is a true nude, with a beige undertone that's sexy and alluring. Celebrity artist Fabiola used Little Darling on Lea Michele's lips at the Billboard awards. Beautiful, prepped and ready for some song and dance.                                                     


Picture Courtesy of http://www.theshadesofu.com