Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Perfect Health

Deepak and I on the same page. I am in excellent company! My Chopra Center "Hangin' With Deepak" blog post was featured in the December Agni Newsletter. For the full Agni Newsletter page visit: http://www.chopra.com/agni/dec10

The Gift of Perfect Health

Perfect health is a gift we all seek. Yet deadlines, meetings, kids' schedules, cell phones, conference calls, Blackberries, commuting, carpooling, running a household, and other demands seem to knock us off balance. How often do you eat your lunch at your desk? How often do you find yourself overwhelmed? How often do you find yourself racing around?
After a few years of running at such a hectic pace, the stress builds up, anxieties overtake us, and – in some cases – this imbalance manifests itself as imperfect health. Our digestion, nightly sleep patterns, close relationships, career paths, weight, and emotional wellbeing all seem to suffer as we get further from our natural state of perfect health.
This holiday season, one of the best gifts you can give to yourself or a loved one is making it a priority to care for the body that allows you to experience all the richness of life . . . the ability to touch and be touched, to laugh and feel sorrow, to walk on the earth or float down a river, to look into your children’s eyes, to play with a puppy, inhale the scent of magnolias, cook a special meal, or create music.
Whatever its limitations, your body is the vehicle through which you experience the gifts of a human incarnation, so taking good care of your health is clearly a valuable use of your time and attention. If you want to make your health a priority in the New Year, we invite you to join us for the Perfect Health Panchakarma program – a 6- or 10-day wellness program where you will experience daily healing treatments and empower yourself with knowledge and practical tools that you can use every day to continue on your path to wellness when you return home.

One of our recent Perfect Health guests, Jackie Cioffa, described her experience on her blog:

"When I was given the awesome gift and mind blowing opportunity by my best friend to do Perfect Health Panchakarma at the Chopra Center, I jumped on a plane. Panchakarma is a week of total immersion, a detox of body, mind and spirit . . . The days are packed with yoga, meditation, classes, Ayurvedic meals, doctor consults, and herbs . . . Everyone, from the staff to the teachers and massage therapists could not have been more accommodating . . .  as the days went on, I noticed the smallest changes. I awoke in the morning happy on the inside, for the first time in ages. The muscles on my face softened, and I gave up the internal fight . . . What a lucky life experience, what a lovely, unforgettable week. I'm home again, dreaming of the beach. I'm eating Ayurvedic meals, with the occasional Saturday cheat, drinking ginger tea, doing yoga, writing and working on my meditation." Read the full blog post here >>
We invite you to join us at Perfect Health Panchakarma and take the time to balance, heal, and transform your life!

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