Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Place of my Own

I think that doing something that truly scares the crap out of you, makes you uncomfortable in your skin, is what beauty is all about. I left home in spite of my fear with two cents in my pocket, a backpack and a dream to discover new lands. Worlds that were completely foreign to me. I was fortunate to have the height and face for the world of beauty, if not  the iron stomach for the superficiality. I had twenty years of strutting around in high fashion clothes, and immediate access to the prestige world of beauty. I got old, it happens. I like to say I outgrew fashion, before it outgrew it's taste for me. I was bored, unfulfilled and desperate for change. I reinvented myself, Celebrity Makeup Artist. I loved that life for a time, the travel, the amazing talent, the creativity. I still find myself in love with beauty. I get excited when I discover new products, or an out of the box approach to makeup. I can't say I miss painting Mariah, or Anne Hathaway's porcelain skin, no matter how lovely the person or the experience. The superficial world of fashion and Reality TV, is exhausting. It's the pretend, play dress up life, we are bombarded with daily. It's the life I no longer see in my future.
Wanderlust always gets the best of me. With two cents in my pocket yet again, I have come full circle. It's time to push the limits, find something real, that nourishes and enriches the soul. I'm not afraid of change, however uncomfortable. I'm more afraid of regret, the nagging what ifs? The skeptic, searcher, gambler and dreamer welcomes the challenge and opportunity.
When I visited the Chopra Center in the fall, they worked lovingly towards giving me back good health, confidence and the tools to believe. To rediscover and follow my own unique dharma
I am most happy when writing, communicating through the beauty of the blank slate, the most simple, natural and effortless thing. Writing is not new to me. I've been taking pen to paper since my earliest memories. It's home. Maybe I went around the globe, to find the way back to the purest parts of me. The gypsy and her backpack filled with beauty. 
My father always told me I was perfect and beautiful in his eyes. I could do anything. I believed him, I was seven. I didn't know any different.

My wish for you all, is that you have the courage to let go of what is not working. That you find your own perfect, balanced life filled with purpose and childlike wonder. Don't let anyone ever put doubts in your minds and bodies. Do the work, find your dharma, and live the dream. 

Don't worry, I'll still be blogging about beauty, and doing makeup gigs. Life is more fun with sequins and shadows, makeovers and dress up days.

The Chopra Center is doing a 21 day meditation challenge. It's not too late to sign up. It helps quiet the noise in your mind, and peel back the layers. Giving you a clear, quiet glimpse of all the amazing possibilities that you possess inside.

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