Thursday, July 26, 2012

Surfer Babes & Full Circle

Elle MacPherson Sports Illustrated
First, there was Elle, 'the body.' When Sports Illustrated came out in '86 with Elle Macpherson on the cover, I almost died in admiration. I was a teenager and wanted to be 'just like her.' After graduation, off to Paris I went, boldly following in her footsteps. She married famed, French fashion photographer and former International Creative Director of Elle magazine, Gilles Bensimon. While I was a fledgling model, Elle's star was rising at meteoric speed. I enjoyed a lucrative, successful career. I wanted out before I became another used up model, forgotten face. Reinvention in fashion & beauty is key to survival. Makeup artistry? Why not, I had all the 'right' connections. I tried acting, but my EGO wasn't quite big enough. I worked with Elle magazine as a MU artist, countless Celebrities and even Kelly Bensimon (Gilles' 3rd wife). Talk about Serendipity. When I received Elle makeup for review, I chuckled. Paris seemed so long ago. I had finally arrived right where I belonged, a writing career. Full circle. A few degrees separate the major players in Beauty & Fashion. I once hobnobbed with the creme de la crop, Karl Lagerfield, Armani, Moschino, Romeo Gigli, Vogue and yes, even Elle. Today, I write stories instead, from a healthy distance. And blog about beauty and fashion, because it's frivolous, fun.

Go Bold. Elle Only at Kohl's. I don't normally shop at Kohl's. I'm more of a Target kind of girl, but when I received Elle Cosmetics, curiosity killed the cat. I had to go check it out. You know what? Kohl's is cool, I even picked up a few things. They have some great stuff. Elle Cosmetics was on display. The simple packaging is modern, functional, and trendy. The product is Elle worthy and  budget friendly. What more could a girl want?
The Shadows' are pretty, with a touch of shimmery pigment. The eyeshadows blend well, with mix and match shades, and are easy to apply. I love # 15, an Eggplant with a slight sheen. Eggplant and purple hues look hot on the Red Carpet. A sexy, all year round favorite. Eggplant is perfect for creating a sultry, smokey eye. Pair it with Elle's Black Kohl liner pencil and your eyes will sizzle. Add a dab of # 21, a beautiful, white shimmer, to the upper and lower corner lids, for a light, modern, airy look. 

Elle's Nail Lacquer come in funky shades, as well as the classics. With glossy, matte and shimmer finish, there is a shade for every occasion. I fell in love with Surfer Babe and Fuchsia Fusion. If you can't be by the ocean, bring the sea to you. Surfer Babe, a turquoise blue with a sea green undertone on the toes, looks cheeky, beach ready in your flip flops. Bold & bright Fuchsia Fusion, a hot pink, is right on time for the summer heat. It's a pretty, pick me up, that puts the pep back in your step. Three days & counting, no chipping yet. Then there's the blush, gloss and lipstick. The lipstick & blush have some delish basic hues that go on smooth. The sparkly glosses are fun and frivolous. Full circle, once again! Head on over to Kohl's & check Elle Cosmetics out. You'll find something just right for you.