Friday, July 6, 2012

Hold My Hand

When approached by the awesome Buzzsmith Mediaexperts in Online Media, to write a review for Bellacures Spa, I was super excited. The posh Bellacures Spa on Robertson in Hollywood is relaxed, California luxe at its finest. Robertson is my favorite street in LA. Pop into Kitson Accesories for the latest LA, fun fashion finds. Lunch at the Newsroom, a Vegetarian, Vegan favorite. The artichoke is to die for! Top it off with a visit to Bellacures Spa. Sounds like the perfect day, a personal slice of pampering paradise.

Since I'm in NY, I sent guest blogger, designer extraordinaire, and Angelino, Felice Pappas. Felice does it all, designs her own clothing line, whips up gowns with a thousand sequins and feathers for fun, works in the film biz, and creates just about anything. She is a master of aesthetic and color. The perfect guest to indulge in a Bellacures Spa day. I knew I was in good hands. If you can't make it to Hollywood, Bellacures has Salons all over Cali. Check out their web to indulge at a Bellacures near you. Thank you, Buzzsmith Media and Bellacures! I look forward to a visit.

I Wanna Hold Your Hand by Felice Pappas

I arrived at Bellacures, and was greeted by the friendly receptionist, (so refreshing in Hollywood). She smiled and told me to pick out a polish. The 'wall of fame' lined one side of the room and 'wall of color' the other. I knew I was in for a treat. Choosing a shade was a multi-task, color overload.
Bellacures has a HUGE polish selection. OPI and Essie are awesome. Top notch, durable brands. I couldn't decide if I should go bold, dark blue with a black tip, or opt for a clean look. I went for pretty, fresh, summery nail. Bellacures Hold My Hand Mani, with a French twist, Essie's Kisses and Bises, an iridescent pick, and Marshmallow for the tips. It looks more natural than the typical, white out- white. The Spa was pristine with funky, club style, lounge chairs and pillows, comfy- cozy. I could have dozed off in a heartbeat, and gone straight to nail heaven.

My own Emery board and buffer, (Love that!)  waited for me on the armchair. Carol, my manicurist came with her basket of tricks and got down to business. Cuticles and nails trimmed, filing done, then came the good stuff.

Basket of Goodies
Carol scrubbed my forearms and hands with Open-Minded Organic Sugar Scrub with lavender essential oils. Yummy! Next came the Witch Hazel Spray (like a degreaser). I felt rejuvenated and clean.
She saved the best for last, Bija Body. Wow, it smelled amazing!!! Even my hubby noticed.
I would've bought Bija Body on the spot. Unfortunately, they don't sell Bija Body at Bellacures. They should! (hint, hint.) 
" Jackie, do I see a Bija Body product review on the horizon?"

Polish by Essie
Carol pulls out my color choices, she's never used the colors together. "Interesting choice." Even my manicurist compliments my nails, and gives me the thumbs up. Alright! My white tips are perfectly done, with just the right amount of thickness. Bellacures doesn't use dryer machines, Carol sprays a mysterious oil on my nails.
I wait the ten minutes. I hate that part, who doesn't?! I make it through and thank the staff, tip Carol (who remembers my name, kudos for that). I'm out the door.
Two days later, no chips, no flakes. Still going strong.
I'll be back, and plan to tell all my friends.
Thanks Bellacures for the Hollywood Star Treatment!



Thank you, Buzzsmith Media, for the fantastic Social Media connections.
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