Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Help I'm Melting & My Skin is Breaking Out

More than half the country is sweltering. With temperatures in the  90's and soaring into the 100's, the heat is unbearable. There's bound to be some major, sweaty days and sleepless nights. Sweating can cause breakouts. Remember drink, drink, drink. Tons of water to hydrate and bust out some Super Hero products to save face. A few of my favorites help combat the, " help, I'm melting. Save my skin from the unsightly, rash blues." 

Some fantastic products that will make your skin feel silky, smooth.Watch how quickly they work their magic. Clear skin is a day away. Have fun in the sun, lather on the SPF, and remember, clean your face and pores twice a day. You'll look and feel like a million bucks.

Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Daily Face Wash delivers results.
Visibly clearer skin in just one day. Ultra Rapid Action works fast, opening blocked pores so your skin can breath again. With Salicylic Acid 2% Acne Medication, you get maximum strength results. 
Your skin feels tingly clean, with no blemishes in sight.

Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel has been an American tradition since 1866. NO wonder, this little jewel of a product is a sure bet for centuries. Now available in towelettes, they've hit the jackpot. Who doesn't love quality skincare on the go?! "Witch Hazel is a naturally effective herbal extract with exceptional cleansing properties. It conditions, tones, and refreshes your skin while protecting essential moisture balance."

I love it for it's cooling, refreshing property and awesome portability. Individually wrapped towelettes live in my purse. Perfect for the busy woman, and man on the go. Great for the office, travel, beach, sports, gym and even as a refreshing, cool down on a hot day! "With botanical extracts, touched with aloe," even the most sensitive skin will be hooked. Happy Fourth, be safe, enjoy your friends & families. 
In the spirit of "Buy American", pick up some Dickinson's Towelettes.
You won't be disappointed.