Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Everyone Gets the Blues

Blue shadows can be tricky.You don't want to look like an 80's throwback, or a resident of some sleezy, desert motel, in the middle of nowhere (although that's always been a fantasy of mine). In the age of Social Network, it's best to get with times. Blue hues are not a favorite, go to shade. It's good to step out of your MU comfort zone & play around with color. For the daring, a cobalt blue eyeliner pencil applied on the lashline and inside the upper & lower lid creates a cool, smokey eye. The modern take on the basic black, rock n' roll eye.(Armani Beauty's maestro, Celebrity Face Designer, Tim Quinn showed me the cobalt blue, pencil tip. Delish!) Teal blue shadow, swept lightly all over the lid creates a shimmery, pretty, youthful look.

YSL is launching a limited edition eye pallette, in the same hue as Facebook's signature blue. What do you think? Would you wear it? LIKE it? COMMENT ON IT? I would. It's genius marketing, and great packaging. Most of us log into FB at least once a day. The palette with FB' s royal blue, white, violet and black shades, has endless mix it up possibilites. Go ahead, get those creative juices flowing. Visit YSL Beauty on Facebook. HIT Like, Comment and Share when you do.

YSL Blue Chromatics Featured on Teen Vogue.com

"According to the UK beauty blog www.kissandmakeup.tv there are only 1,650 available and (the desperate grab for the youth market) publicity campaign launches on July 19 at YSL Beauty on Facebook."