Friday, September 25, 2009

The Kid's Got Chops

I teamed up with fab photographer Myrna Suarez last week to shoot singer, songwriter Jesse Ruben. Normally, whenever Myrna calls I just show up. I know it's going to be awesome & I'm going to get great images. Myrna shoots a lot of music industry peeps along with personalities. I love her style, the pics are crisp, clean, sexy and always interesting. Jesse was a nice surprise. Polite, cute, funny and easy going. What I didn't know was how good he is. After the job, I was curious and listened to his music. Goose-bumps. The kid has serious chops. His songs are powerful, insightful, honest & original. Check him out; he's the real deal. No gimmicks, just him and his guitar. In a world full of synthetics, Jesse is a breath of fresh air.

Jackie Cioffa Makeup
Myrna Suarez Phootgraphy