Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gems and Stones

Armani Beauty's Spring Collection, 'La Femme Bleue' Eye Palette has some lovely jewel tones, melting winter into spring. I love the rocking violet and shimmery, sea green worn alone, swept lightly over the eye in a subtle wash of color. When paired together, the violet and green create a crazy beautiful, turquoise blue. The luminous gray and white offer endless shadow combinations. The translucency reminds me of the beach, an exotic, gem filled location, filled with brilliant hues of bold color.

Most of you know by now I'd be lost with my Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. So I decided to start experimenting with the Fluid Sheers again. Oh my God, genius! I forgot how pretty they look on the skin, creating a shine and luminosity nothing short of magic. I asked which shade Armani Celebrity Face Designer, Tim Quinn likes using and was sent Fluid Sheer #7. He is a makeup god. I have learned many tricks watching him work, reapplying them to my happy clients' faces. #7 is the subtlest shade of pearlized pink. A dollop mixed with LSF Foundation creates a mesmerizing glow to the skin without the glitter. It can also be applied with Armani's Blender brush, under the brow bone and along the high cheekbones, for instant glow and vibrancy. Pretty in Pink never looked better.