Friday, February 25, 2011

Time After Time

Armani Beauty has launched a new line of skincare, RegenessenceI'm a huge fan of Crema Nera, so I can't wait to use the new line. Regenessence 3. R claims you can 'gain up to 6 years of youth.' Going back six years on the face? Heck, yeah I'm buying. Who wouldn't want to look younger, but keep the wisdom of 'age'? It's a win, win. I'll try anything once, as long as it doesn't require needles or cutting. Regenessence 3. R 's formula is lightweight and provides eight hours of hydration. Regenessence Youth Regenerator, moisturizing up to 24 hours, creates a glowing, pretty canvas. I have learned over the years by the masters, start with flawless, glowing skin, and the rest of your makeup application will be seamless. That goes for the boys, too. Beauty may only be skin deep, but radiant skin makes anyone look flawless. If it's good enough for Megan Fox, the face of Regenessence, it's good enough for me.

"Inspired by advanced regenerative medicine research pioneered by Dr. Peter Lorenz at the Stanford School of Medicine, Regenessence 3.R technology targets the 3 levels of the skin with 3 powerful ingredients: ProXylan, Linseed Extract and Vitamin CP. The results: In 1 hour, wrinkles reduced  71%. In 6 days, skin is rebounced and radiant 88%. In 1 month, gain up to 6 years of youth."


Jackie Cioffa Makeup for  for Just Ask the Locals