Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lit from Within

Not only is Mally Roncal drop dead gorgeous, but she is the whole makeup package. The stunning face, the glowing skin, the luxurious mane of cascading hair and the raw talent. Mally has been an A list makeup artist for some time, working with countless celebs, Mary J. Blige, Beyonce and Jlo on speed dial. She could have stopped there, been content with her bustling career. Mally is much more than an uber talented artist, she is creative, smart and business savvy to boot. She's the kind of super hero woman we'd love to hate, but just can't. She's just too darn nice, positive energy radiates out of her.
Mally created the very successful makeup line, Mally Beauty airing on QVC. That is no small feat, countless others have tried and fallen short. She lights up the screen selling her products with confidence and enthusiasm. Her joie de vivre and killer laugh, make her products even more enticing. Mally's enthusiasm and energy are contagious. When I asked her lovely PR ladies for a few Mally products for the blog, I was sent an over abundance of  amazing goodies. The exquisite packaging makes me happy, wanting to place it on a shelf and admire the prettiness. The thought that went into such lovely packaging, makes me feel special and beautiful, even before using the high quality makeup inside.
I first discovered Mally when an artist friend gave me the Lightwand Eye Brightener. I was hooked. A double-ended tool that brightens the face. The metallic, Vermeil pencil placed in the inner corner of the eye up to the lash line adds instant shimmer. The soft shimmer dust hidden in the cap, dabbed slightly onto the lid, and down the nose with the extra-soft dabber is the perfect pick me up, dose of subtle shine. I immediately bought two and kept one for myself. Dark circles begone, I come prepared with a magic wand of sunshine.

Then there's Mally's award winning Mascaras. "Huge Ginormous lashes is one of the things I'm known for." 
I'm not done posting Mally Beauty products. There are just too many great ones to chose from! More to come!!!