Monday, February 28, 2011

Squeaky Clean

I'm grumpy. It's been months since I've left the east coast, freezing for days and days. Dealing with sub zero degree temperatures, snow shovels and itchy, bumpy, scratchy, unhappy skin. It matters not how much exfoliating, moisturizing or hot abby oils I've been doing, my skin is still cracking under the extreme temperatures. Skin is the most important organ on your body, not only releasing toxins from the body, but also absorbing substances that are placed on it. If I could click my ruby heels and be in Los Angeles, I would run, not walk to Natura Day Spa. Since the women walk around buck naked, leave your inhibitions at the door and embrace your beautiful, naked self. Natura Day Spa respects time honored Korean bathing customs. It's divided into separate parts for women, and men. Natura Day Spa is the perfect place to spend an afternoon, an oasis for cleansing the skin, and scrubbing away worry, along with mounds and mounds of dead tissue and toxins. There are dry saunas, steam rooms, Mugwort whirlpools, cold plunges, a yellow clay room made of clay imported from Korea, and a jade roomeverything your mind, body and soul desires. The Korean masseuses wear only bra and panties, prepared to get wet while scrubbing vigorously at every inch of your skin. The cold marble table might seem less like pampering and more like torture, and the buckets of hot water thrown on you a bit harsh. Trust me after one visit you'll be begging for more, hardly remembering sauntering around in the buff. Your glowing skin stays silky smooth for weeks on end. Oh, and let's not forget the tea tree hair wash, head massage and optional hour plus massage. The prices are so reasonable, I hesitate to share my secret. But, I just can't help it, it's too amazing to keep to myself. There are some Korean Day Spas in New York, one that stands out is Yipak.  I have had countless celebrity clients rave about this little gem, but have yet to check it out.
I've been to Olympic Spa in Los Angeles in Koreatown, which was super nice and clean, a bit pricier and smaller than Natura.

What can I say the heart want what the heart wants?  
So, I'm clicking my heels and magically transporting myself to Natura for an afternoon in heaven. I love a good pampering and a bargain.