Sunday, June 26, 2011

10,000 Steps, 1 Pedometer & 90 Days To A Bangin' Killer Body

Paris, My Modeling Pic from 1995

Want a Bangin', Killer Body? Hec, yeah. 
I say BRING it. I admit it, I've gained some weight, lost muscle mass, packed on a good twenty, (probably thirty pounds.) and got lazy. I'm 5"10', so I get away with it. I've tried all the diets, fads, proteins, veggies, smoothies, Atkins, almonds. I know them all. So when my friend called up and said, "look, we're forty years old not eighty, we've got to do something now, are you up for the challenge?" Oh, NO she did not. Anyone who knows me, and she knows me far too well, knows those are the exact words to push my buttons. 10,000 steps? Bring it. I'll do 20,000. First day out I only got in 5,000, but I still have the rest of the day to keep on steppin'. Gradually, adding some weight training, cardio, yoga, swimming, and basic activity. With a little blood, sweat and tears, anyone can do it. 

We were both super models see, we know the exercise drill, but got busy living, jobs, kids, the life stuff got in the way. In Hamburg, we pushed 6-7 mile walks everyday, 45 minutes of cardio on the bike, lifted weights, ate lots and lots of lean protein. I HATE lentils to this day. We were ripped. It was hard, but we were committed. It's not a 90 day challenge, it's a lifestyle change and clean, healthy, eating routine. Want to get steppin' with us? Come on, get out and just do it. First week's the hardest. Please God, where oh where, is Chris Powell? I'm only doing 7 girlie push ups and barely get through sit-ups. But, I'm determined. I have a solid, buddy system. I know  there's still a skinny girl living in me. 

Me, Modeling Twenty Years Ago

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