Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dirty, Delectable, Decadent & Delicious

Lady Gaga. Madonna. Mother Teresa. Trailblazers
New York, London, Paris, Hollywood, glamour cities where ladies are out making their mark, and not apologizing for it. Make no mistake, Hard Candy might be thought of as a junior line, but it's all woman. Dramatic sparkle and sheen, packing some serious punch. It's high quality, brazen makeup that makes me want to live a brighter, bolder life. I'm having way too much fun experimenting with the product. The tattoo lipsticks, I'm keeping for them for myself. Painted Lady, Manic Shine seems an appropriate name for the times. A summer romance, a road trip, route 66, a killer red dress, 10 inch spiked heels and smoldering red lips. What are you waiting for? Sometimes, all it takes is a lipstick, positive reinforcement and a nudge, to rediscover one's sexy, empowered self. I'm digging the Hard Candy decadence, self confidence and power in a tube. A little Manic Shine, On The Prowl, a creamy red, long lasting lipstick is all you need. Perfect for a delectable night on the town, where anything goes. And you're in charge. 

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