Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Squeaky Clean

Sometimes I love to apply just concealer to the face. I adore a super clean look, with no color, and pretty, polished finish. Hard Candy's Nobody's Perfect Concealer Palette is so darn cute and compact, don't let that fool you. It's the ultimate makeup kit, smoothing out even the most difficult skin. Armed with 6 shades, it comes in 2 color palettes, one for fair skin and one medium tone. E voila, you're ready for your close-up. The texture is light, creamy and blends effortlessly. It comes with an attached brush to make application and travel a snap. Normally, I arrive at a job with my sturdy, over-sized Jeep backpack, filled with every product under the sun. How cool would it be to show up on set just once, with one product? Nobody's Perfect Concealer Palette
It's perfection, pure and simple.

Jackie Cioffa Makeup for 

A touch of Hard Candy's Moon Glow Shimmering Translucent Powder infused with illuminating gold powder dusted lightly over the face, leaves the skin looking soft & supple, the perfect "moonlight glow result." I hear vampires are hot this season.

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