Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shaking in My Boots

I have never been the most technical or creative makeup artist, but what I have been is on the other side in the chair. A gawky, insecure kid thrown into a world of high pressure, grown-up fashion who was expected to know what to do. How to pose, behave, have confidence, stay skinny, make the million dollar clothes look perfect. Yeah right, I faked it most of the time. I burnt out, grew to dislike fashion and the superficiality it left behind. Yuk, puke, gross, leave me alone to be free to find and express myself as an artist. Find the uniqueness we all have inside. Makeup was no different, silly, sometimes petty and jealous, leaving me empty. I took a long, overdue break, walked away, moved to the country. I simplified my life, began to write and take myself seriously. It took twenty years to let go of the past and find true beauty within.
Looking back there was way too much pressure. After a time, I realized the world I left behind would always be a part of me. I missed it. The makeup, the fun stuff, the friendships, joy and the little things.
I love making women up, empowering and transforming them into their most beautiful selves. They are always grateful and overwhelmed by their beauty. The transformation is simple for me, I can empathize once being in their place. It feels good to give back. It's bridal season, the shaky, scared out of her mind brides sit uncomfortably in my chair. I know exactly what to do to calm her nerves. Starting with a little lavender massage, and simple, glowing, clean skin, she relaxes in an instant. I highlight the eyes, brow and high cheekbones with MAC's Pigment shimmer powder in silver (Vanilla) or gold (Naked or Golden Lemon). Adding Ardell lashes in black for the right amount of dramatic flair, and a touch of black liner close to the lash line. I sweep Chanel's Tan de Soleil bronzer over the forehead, down the nose and the jawline, and MAC's blush in Pink Swoon for the perfect blushing bride.

CoverGirl's Mascara in EXACT EYELIGHTS EYE-BRIGHTENING WATERPROOF MASCARA, is the perfect mascara with hints of shimmer that adjusts to your specific eye color, resists water, smudging and 100 degree heat. She's calm and ready to take that leap of faith. And I'm happy. Really, really happy I could help.

Bridal Image Courtesy of Jackie Cioffa at