Tuesday, June 14, 2011

24 K Bombshell Baby

As promised I'm sticking with my Hard Candy theme, and the festival of posts all week. The products are too cool for school. I'm feeling & rocking out the glitter and GOLD. First up, Hard candy's GLOW all the way tropical tan bronze & gradual self tanner. I love the beautiful color it distributes. I could see J LO using it on her VENUS shaved million dollar legs, infused and shimmering with GLOW, in 24 carat gold. GLOW deepens over time, and will not rub off or stain your clothes. Who loves ya, baby? Hard Candy does, that's who.

Hard Candy's Eye Def Glitter Eyeshadow coats the eye with a fine layer of glitter in a pretty shadow base, staying put all day. Ditch is a gorgeous coppery bronze, that delivers the perfect amount of sparkle. In eight shades, ranging from metallic silver, to algae green to electric blue, there's a perfect color for everyone. The over sized tubing is funky and the applicator is extra long, amazing. 
I can't wait to work this look on the next photo shoot. 

To complete the look, use Hard Candy's Take Me Out Liner and rim the inner and upper inside eyes heavily, so that liner melts right into the Eye Def glitter shadow. Apply liner in Abyss, a sparkly black, sticking with the sexy glistening, theme. Creating that perfect dirty, mysterious, sexy, cowboy boot wearing hottie, stuck in the desert melting sun look. 

Image of Carre Otis Courtesy People Perfect.com

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